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Professional Birth Certificate Translations

If you need to translate your birth certificate to English in the US, you've come to the right place. Accurate and certified translations are crucial for various purposes, such as immigration, education, and legal matters. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the process, ensuring your birth certificate translation is not only reliable but also meets SEO requirements.

Why Choose Certified Birth Certificate Translation Services?



If you're applying for immigration to the US, USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) requires English translations of all foreign-language documents, including birth certificates.

Educational Institutions

When applying to schools or universities in the US, an English translation of your birth certificate is typically necessary for enrollment purposes.

Legal Matters

In legal proceedings, having a certified translation of your birth certificate may be required for name changes, marriage licenses, or court proceedings.

Translate Your Birth Certificate to English

When it comes to translating important documents like birth certificates, accuracy and authenticity are paramount. Certified translation services provide you with professionally translated documents that are accepted by government agencies, academic institutions, and other official bodies. This ensures that your translated birth certificate will be valid for any purpose you require, making it hassle-free and legally compliant.
Birth Certificate Translations
Birth Certificate

What can I translate?

Our document translators are subject matter experts in a variety of subjects, not just with your birth certificate, allowing for highly accurate translations for any document type. You can rely on our professional document translation services to provide outstanding results for any project. Here are a few examples of the many types of projects we handle with expertise:

Financial statements

Legal documents

Medical documents

Business documents

Annual reports

Training materials

Academic transcripts

Birth certificates


User manuals

Drivers License

Tax Records


Divorce Decree

Criminal Records


Background Checks


ID Cards

College Applications


Bank Statements

Marriage Certificates

Death Certificates

Vaccination Records

Mortgage Applications

Adoption Records

Birth Certificate translation rates

At BLEND, we understand the significance of your business and personal documents. That's why we have an array of subject matter experts available to provide accurate, timely, and cost-effective document translation services for the birth certificate translations you require. Our rates may vary based on the language and expertise required, but we offer a range of translation options for you to choose from. Regardless of your choice, our experts guarantee to deliver the highest quality birth certificate translation available.
Translation by a professional native document translator. Recommended for personal translations or internal business use.
Translation by a professional native document translator, as well as editing by a second translator. Recommended for important texts meant for publication or official business.
Professional Plus
Translation by a native speaker of your chosen language with expertise in the necessary field. Highly recommended for personal or internal business texts requiring expertise in a specific field.
Translation by a native speaker of your chosen language with expertise in the necessary field. Reviewed and proofread by a second expert translator. Highly recommended for translations intended for publication or official business.

Document Translation Services FAQ

What types of files can I upload for translation?

We translate most document types including XLIFF, XML, HTML, txt, csv, odt, ott, ots, odg, otg, odp, otp, docx, dotx, xslx, xlts, pptx, potx, doc, ppt, xls, pdf, dot, mlf, idml and many more.

Why do I need an official translation for my birth certificate in the US?

An official translation for your birth certificate is often necessary when dealing with government agencies, immigration processes, educational institutions, or legal matters. The translation ensures that the information on your birth certificate is accurately understood by the relevant parties who might not be familiar with the language on the original document.

Who is qualified to provide an official translation for my birth certificate?

Official translations should be done by certified translation services or professional translators who are recognized by official authorities. These translators possess the necessary linguistic and legal expertise to accurately translate the content of the birth certificate while adhering to specific guidelines and requirements.

Will any translation suffice, or are there specific criteria to meet?

Not all translations are accepted for official purposes. Different institutions may have varying requirements, but in general, official translations should be accompanied by a certificate of accuracy. This certificate attests to the translator’s qualifications and the fidelity of the translation. Some entities may also require notarization or apostille certification for added authenticity.

How can I make sure the translated birth certificate is accurate and valid?

To ensure accuracy and validity, consider the following steps:

  • Choose a certified translation service or a reputable professional translator experienced in legal translations.
  • Request a certificate of accuracy that attests to the translator’s qualifications and the correctness of the translation.
  • Cross-reference the translated information with the original to verify accuracy.
  • Check if the translation meets the specific requirements of the institution where you plan to submit it.
  • If needed, consider having the translation notarized or apostilled to further validate its authenticity.

Remember that requirements and procedures can vary by state and institution, so it’s essential to research and confirm the specific guidelines for official translations in your situation.

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