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Website translation directly from Wordpress

Submit your site's pages to BLEND for translation directly from your WordPress CMS using WPML‘s WordPress plug-in!

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Drupal website translation in 120 languages

Manage your website localization with BLEND effortlessly using TMGMT’s Drupal plug-in.

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Easily scale your website translation and localization efforts with BLEND’s customized APIs and integrations.

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Website Translation Services FAQ

What is website localization?

Website translation services go beyond mere text translation. When expanding into new markets, it’s essential to consider the overall user experience. This includes adapting the layout of foreign language text, localizing images and product descriptions to appeal to the target audience, and providing pricing in the local currency with the option for local payment methods. Our website translation specialists are equipped to handle all of these elements and more, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Why is website localization important?

Website translation plays a crucial role in a business’s growth and expansion beyond its local market. A website that supports multiple languages enables brands to keep up with local and international competitors, cater to the needs of their target audience, and enhance conversion rates.

What type of websites can BLEND translate?

Our website translators can help you expand your online reach by translating your personal website or blog, e-commerce site, or any other type of business website into multiple languages. Based on your website’s industry and other criteria, we’ll match you with a translator who possesses the relevant expertise to effectively complete your project. In some cases, we may even divide the project among multiple specialist translators, depending on your specific needs, such as legal or marketing translation. These are a few of the website translation services we offer:

– E-commerce websites

– Informational websites

– Personal websites

– Product descriptions

– Community-building websites

– Blogs

– Press releases

– News articles

– Contact forms

– Payment funnels

How does the WPML integration work?

BLEND  Express seamlessly integrates with the WPML plugin for WordPress, allowing you to effortlessly initiate translation projects for multiple website pages and languages from within your WordPress CMS dashboard. This process will automatically launch a project in the BLEND Express Wizard, where you can provide instructions or communicate with your translators. For further information on how to utilize and configure this integration, please visit our help center.

How does the Drupal integration work?

To translate your website, login to your BLEND account and download the One Hour Translation module (tmgmt_oht) plugin for TMGMT. Our plugin is compatible with both Drupal 7 and  Drupal 8. Enjoy professional content translation and advanced translation management for all text components, including Nodes, Entities, and I18n Strings

How does the Wix integration work?

To begin the process of translating your Wix website, contact our support team. Our representatives will be happy to discuss your language requirements and match you with the ideal translator to create a multilingual version of your Wix site. 

What if I need translators with multiple expertise for different parts of my website?

No problem! When initiating a website translation project, we suggest dividing it into multiple projects based on your specialized needs for each language. For instance, if you require a legal translator for your terms and conditions, create a project specifically for a legal translator and submit it. Similarly, if you need a marketing specialist to translate your call-to-action and landing pages, create another project for that. If you require a crypto expert to translate a blog post related to cryptocurrency, create another project for that. The options are limitless, and with our integrations, you can even open multiple projects simultaneously.

How do I know if I should translate or localize my website?

To truly relate and resonate with local audiences online, website localization is the solution. Our translators are not only proficient in the languages they translate, but also the cultures of their respective countries. They will ensure that your website’s content is localized to reflect cultural nuances, expectations, expressions, etc. in your target market. If you require other elements of your website, such as images, to be localized, kindly include this in your brief.

I need a website translation urgently. How fast can you complete my project?

The timeline of your website translation depends on the extent of your website, number of pages/words to be translated, and any additional localization requirements. A more precise estimate of time can be seen at checkout based on word count, language combination, and necessary expertise. If you require faster delivery than the calculated timeline, you can opt for the “Urgent Delivery” option at checkout or reach out to customer support for acceleration.

What are BLEND’s rates for website translation services?

Website translation costs can vary based on the required expertise and language pairs, as well as the amount of content on your website that needs to be translated. For instance, translating a personal blog with no specific industry terminology may be less expensive than a business website that requires a legal translator for terms & conditions or a technical translator for technical content.

To reduce the time and cost of translating large volumes of content with repeating words or phrases specific to your business, we offer the option to utilize translation memory. This allows us to translate specific terms just once and then reuse them, thus saving time and cost. To see which plan fits your needs, check out our website translation plans.

What’s the difference between Translation and Localization?

Translation and localization are both ways to convert content into another language, but they serve different purposes. Translation is the act of converting text from one language to another while preserving its original meaning. Localization, on the other hand, is a broader term that encompasses not only translation but also the optimization of various elements such as imagery, payments, technical aspects of customer experience, etc. to fit the cultural context of a local market. Localization emphasizes cultural relevance in its transformation process.

Website Translation Rates and Costs

Translation by a native translator of your chosen languages. Recommended for simple personal websites that do not require any specific expertise.
Pro Plus
Translation by a native translator of your chosen languages. Quality review and editing by a second native translator. This plan is recommended for simple customer-facing websites that do not require specific expertise.
Translation by a native speaker of your chosen language with expertise in marketing or your website's subject matter. Recommended for websites requiring a specific type of expertise.
Expert Plus
Translation by a native speaker of your chosen language with expertise in marketing or your website's subject matter. Reviewed and proofread by a second translator with the same expertise. Highly recommended for larger business websites.

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