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Document Translation

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There are many ways to access quick translation services. However, don’t assume you can lean on machine translations for those more important tasks. Any content you need for marketing purposes or business affairs needs to be handled by professional translators. What’s more, if you’re looking for certified document translation, you’ll need a linguist who can deliver high levels of accuracy, as well as fast turnaround. 

Using a translation & localization agency is the only way to go if you want official documents delivered on brief and on time. As well as guaranteeing quick document translation, an established provider will also bring the benefit of consistency. This is essential if you want to translate documents into multiple languages. 

Are quick document translation services worth it?

Nowadays, most people demand fast translation as a standard. While some document translation services can struggle to meet demanding deadlines, the best translation and localization agencies can deliver results in as little as 24 hours. 

Rather than spread your limited resources thinly, it makes more sense to invest in a fixed-price agreement with a professional translation agency. This way, you can ensure all your translation tasks are being looked after by a dedicated project manager. 

What’s more, you can benefit from advanced machine learning technology that can speed up future language translation projects. Sometimes, project requirements change. If you need to tweak a brief, a reputable document translation service will accommodate these minor changes. 

One of the main advantages of using an experienced translation company is that quality assurance is guaranteed. You can also access a vast network of document translators. If you’re struggling to find translators working with specific language pairs, an agency can call on their extensive resources to bring you the best people for the job. 

Common challenges translation projects encounter

If you’ve been using freelance linguists to get documents translated, you’ve probably already encountered many issues. Managing a disparate team of subcontractors creates all sorts of communication problems. Basic admin tasks can swallow up a sizable part of your day while conflicting layouts and different file formats pose further challenges. 

A decentralized approach further adds to your project lead times. If you’re juggling countless spreadsheets and email chains to complete a relatively simple assignment, it’s not a cost-effective way to do business. Even if translations are delivered on time and the quality of the work itself is good, making minor adjustments to things like formatting can really slow things down. 

How to speed up the document translation process

Using a translation agency can speed up the localization process considerably. However, you can get your project off to an even better start by considering the basic requirements of the task. 

1. Who is the text for?

Firstly, think about the purpose of your documents and who the intended audience is. A project manager can help you get a clearer idea of this. This is an important step as it ensures you’re selecting the right linguists for the job. What’s more, correct formatting and relevant certifications can also be guaranteed. 

2. How big is the project and what’s your deadline?

The scope of your project will play a big role in how quickly your translations can be delivered. While an experienced provider can comfortably accommodate high-volume assignments, they’ll need to be able to take a look at briefs and allocate resources before things can get started. This will involve you doing some prep work and giving an indication of your ideal deadline. 

While freelance translators may promise fast delivery, you run the risk of ending up with inconsistent results. This can derail a project, leading you to miss deadlines by a considerable margin. 

3. What languages do you require?

Have you struggled to find translators who can work with your required language pairs? This is a common issue and can stop many projects from ever getting off the ground. Ideally, you’ll want a provider that supports several thousand language pairs. 

Sometimes, project requirements are more exhaustive. You may need one language translated into several others. Quick document translations are still possible in this scenario, but it’s best to offload those translation tasks to an experienced manager who can assign workflows and maintain oversight to ensure consistent results. 

4. What kind of document do you need translating?

It’s incredibly difficult to determine whether or not a freelancer is as experienced as they say they are. They might have a first-class portfolio and be able to provide outstanding writing samples, but there’s no guarantee they originated the work. 

Using an agency means you can be confident that your projects will be completed by tried and tested translators with a firm grasp of the subject matter of your documents. With expert linguists working on your project, you can rest assured that nothing will get lost in translation. 

Sometimes, the speed of delivery may even surprise you. With teams familiar with industry-specific terminology, those legal documents and technical translations can be finished and ready to go in no time. 

5. Any specific formatting requirements?

This is another stumbling block many people encounter when attempting to self-manage translation projects. Even if you’ve briefed freelancers to work with specific file formats, there’s almost always one who strays from the pack. 

When you use a fast translation agency, all of your content is managed through a single system. This lets you keep your finger on the pulse but also ensures formatting is preserved and harmonious across the board. 

Express translations for every industry

Finding it hard to find experts in your chosen field? Perhaps you’ve found that a previously reliable translator is unable to meet the demands of a new project. To make life easy, use a service provider with experience across every major industry. 


Whether you’re a home-based business or enterprise-level operation, international expansion is a real possibility thanks to fast translations. With eCommerce translations, you have a scalable solution for making your content market-ready for new territories. You can localize entire catalogs of product pages, or opt for on-demand translation services when new product lines are ready to drop. 

Travel and hospitality

By its very nature, the travel industry is international. However, catering to all those nationalities takes effort. A fast translation agency can help you ready your content for budding travelers, making it easier to access untapped markets and unlock new revenue streams. 


The eLearning industry is booming thanks to increasing globalization. However, it’s not just businesses with an international reach that use eLearning services. Students also need to be able to access learning materials that now many higher education institutions are moving more toward an online-only model. 

IT and software

There’s a huge amount of documentation involved in the IT and software sector. All those user guides, white papers, and legal documents quickly stack up. All of them include high-specific terminology, not to mention complex formatting and visual aids. To maintain clear lines of communication across every language, you’ll need professional translators for your website and software with specific expertise. 

Digital media

The publishing industry has changed considerably over the past couple of decades. Nowadays, paper-only publications are the exception, rather than the rule. A fast turnaround is crucial in this industry. As such, you’ll need a provider that can translate and localize content that connects with readers in many different languages. 

Certified translation services

Need a certified translation delivered quickly? Whether it’s birth certificates, medical records, or legal document translation you’re after, you’ll want a fast translation service that guarantees your material is fit for purpose in record time. 

How to translate your documents online quickly with BLEND Express

If you’re searching for quick document translation services, you’ve come to the right place. At BLEND Express, our self-service Wizard makes it easy to submit a new translation request. Simply select the type of document you need translating, your language pair, and a suitable translator with matching expertise. You’ll then receive an instant quote and ETA for your project. 

Want to learn more about BLEND Express or discover more ways we can help you with your localization and translation efforts? Get in touch with customer support today.

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